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Below you will find information on all our current software projects. All software is cross-platform for Window and Linux unless noted otherwise.

In a nutshell, Classic Gaming Arena is a website based portal used to link up with friends, family or just other gamers to play DOS based IPX network and serial games over the Internet via the use of DOSBox and our small client program, the CGA Client. You can also run your own dedicated server using our CGA Dedicated Server software. The client and server now support audio chat using the TeamSpeak 3 SDK! This was done with our Delphi SDK port below.

Official Website

We have graciously ported the award winning TeamSpeak 3 SDK to Delphi, not only for our benefit, but for anyone that wishes to use this great client/server product within their Delphi projects. This port will work with Delphi version 6+ and Kylix version 3+. It has been tested with Delphi XE4 and with now build for 32-bit/64-bit Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

This code package also includes the port of TeamSpeak's minimal server and client console programs to test with.

Download (Delphi 6+ / Kylix 3+ - 32bit)

Prometheus is a high performance (W)ebsite (D)elivery (E)ngine (WDE) designed to make website development easier for both programmers and end users. At its core Prometheus is a system soley dedicated to delivering websites and provides an access security model, site templating, page support, scripting language access, permalinks and a full module (plugin) API that makes building custom addons easy whether you are using a compiled language or a scripting language. Prometheus is completely database driven so database access is a native feature and makes for quicker page scripting and module development. The WDE's high performance lends itself to being a native web server extension (ie: ISAPI for IIS and an Apache Module for the Apache Web Server). Scripting language support is provided as extensions to the system.

Official Website

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